About Us


Smegma Records is a DIY Label and Distro.

It was started, purely, to release 2 Sick Monkeys CD's but over the last few years we have been picking up CD's, Records, Fanzines etc from people and bands we've met on our travels, so we kind of became a small DIY distro.

The vast majority of things on this site are Punk Rock but that doesn't mean that it has to be Punk for us to get involved with it.....we like lots of stuff, so give us a shout.

Please feel free to check out what's available but please bear in mind this site is an ongoing work in progress, so there will always be things to be added (as and when time permits) and more than likely there will be more things available at gigs (by 2 Sick Monkeys).


If you would like your link added, please get in touch at: smegmarecords@googlemail.com


Thanks and please help spread the word...it will be very much appreciated :)